Meersburg New Palace

Meersburg New Palace, Interior view
Marvel at the stately staircase
Meersburg New Palace, View of the terrace
Feel the enchantment
Meersburg New Palace, ceremonial hall
Come and be amazed

The former residence of the Prince-Bishops of Constance is still an impressive sight today thanks to its prominent staircase designed by Balthasar Neumann and its stunning panoramic view.


Staircase with statuary and ceiling fresco, Meersburg New PalaceThe staircaseA majestic climb
The staircase - A majestic climb
Meersburg New Palace, Ceremonial hall The ceremonial hallThe heart of the bel étage
The ceremonial hall - The heart of the bel étage
Stucco element with birds, Meersburg New PalaceStuccoClever wall decor
Stucco - Clever wall decor
Shell, natural history cabinet, Meersburg New PalaceThe natural history cabinetA spectacular collection
The natural history cabinet - A spectacular collection
Exterior of the teahouseThe teahouseRelaxation with a breathtaking view
The teahouse - Relaxation with a breathtaking view


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